Monday, November 22, 2010

Its only the beginning!

I know it has been a ridiculously long time since I have been on here! Somewhere between packing up a basement that had flooded, hauling half my house out to a sea-can (that now resides permanently in our yard) gutting a basement and starting a renovation, cleaning up the yard - getting it ready for fall & winter, getting kids ready to go back to school, redirectioning my business (is that a word?), a few retreats and a trade show, starting and finishing up with 3 kids in vollyball, and now hockey season is in full swing...I somehow seemed to have lost track of time! LOL! and next thing you know its November! The end of November yet!! My last post talked about how I was looking forward to more time...funny how that plays out doesnt it? We somehow think that maybe we will create more free time by making some simple changes in our everyday lives but somehow it seems as if I have ended up with less? Or did I? Maybe I am just spending my time a little more wisely? For I have managed to spend way more time with my family, countless hours following my kids around to vollyball with my camera (fun!) and I have managed to find a little more time to design. (which I never had time for before) So I guess its really all how you look at it right? I am still crazy busy but obviously with more of what I enjoy doing. So that my friends, I will conclude then as a good thing!
One of the things that I silently said I would  like to finally do is submit some of my designs and hopefully get published this year. (Kind of a bucket list thing - but not entirely)
So I did...I hunkered down and submitted a few of my latest and all time favourites to my all time favourite magazine "Canadian Scrapbooker" and woot woot - you will never guess!! I am soooo happy and pleased to share that little ol' me has been published for the very first time! I cannot tell you how absolutely blessed I feel that one of my designs was chosen. I know that there are thousands of talented artists out there who know exactly how I feel right now. Sooo exciting! And what was even more exciting is that this particular issue of Canadian Scrapbooker is thier 5th Anniversary Collectors Edition. What an honour! In this winter issue alone they published 30 never seen before artists! So there are 30 different artists right now from all over Canada that are as excited, if not more than I am right now!

So "congrats" to all of the newly published Canadian Artists out there! Be proud of your accomplishments, be proud to have been chosen to share in such a wonderful magazine and be proud that you are Canadian, I know I am!

So I guess that this is one thing I can check off my list of things to do...but dont be fooled..I am on a roll now people, its only the beginning!

Cheers to all, and remember to always...

"Live Life Creatively!"