Friday, December 31, 2010

Best Wishes

The New Year is upon us...can you believe it! I hope everyone had the Merriest of Merriest Holidays this year! I can certainly say we sure did. Great family time, great friend time and super awesome food time. Way too much food time! lol! (which I will be working off all of 2011).

Despite all the chaos that goes into preparing for Christmas I can honestly say as was awesome! I really enjoyed the time we found to spend with dearest friends and the new memories we were able to create with our kids.
Its all about the memories!

My Little People ~ Chistmas Day 2010
 Now here we go...heading into 2011. Wow, that came fast! I am really looking forward to bringing in this New Year. There is so much about bringing in the New Year that is so exciting! There is so much to look forward to. I love the idea of setting new goals, making a list of resolutions with John and the kids. Its like a fresh start! Its always interesting to hear what everyone has to say. Last year John and I wrote down our New Years resolutions for we thought maybe if they were written down we would have a better chance to sticking to them....some of them I think we may have to carry over from last year cause we ran out of time! LOL! Good intentions...right?!

So we say goodbye to another year, lets all take some time to remember 2010 and relish in the memories, good and bad. For it makes us who we are!
And together lets all welcome 2011 with open arms and hearts and with excitement to see what 2011 holds for us all. I cant wait!

Michelle & John ~ Christmas morning 2010

Happy New Year everyone!
Best wishes in 2011

Michelle and Family