Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Beginnings!

I am being honest when I say...when it comes to big changes in my life, I really have spent way too much time worrying about what others may think. Its seems silly really that we worry about things like that, but the reality is that we all do it at some point or another for whatever the reason may be...sometimes I think more than we would like to admit. What is everyone going to think? What is everyone going to say? What do I tell everyone? Because of course, they will ask! lol. These are just a couple of the things that has ran through my mind over the course of the past month. Its Funny, because worrying about these little things can hold you back, that is if you let it. Its actually the very reason that it has taken me so long to write this blogpost...until today.
    After a few long hard working days out in the rains. I love it when it rains after spending all that time out there mowing and trimming and making it beautiful and then the rain comes down as if to just give it all a fresh new start! Now I look out to see the rain has stopped and the sun is shining bright, the birds are singing and everything just seems fresh and I said, a fresh start, almost like a do-over...a new beginning! It feels good, real good! Like a breath of fresh air. That is exactly how I feel today, refreshed and ready for a new beginning!
   Change for most of us can be scary, which is normal. It is scary to start something new, to end something familiar, whether its starting a new job, leaving your old home to go to a new home, starting a new school, or even meeting new friends. However, if we put all our fears aside and choose to not let it hold us back, the change can be quite welcoming and refreshing! It can be a door to new opportunities, new experiences, new memories and new friendships that otherwise you may not experience if it were not for change. So instead of letting the fear of change or what people may think or say hold you back, embrace it! Welcome it! For you will never know what may be waiting for you at the end of that new path if you dont take it.
That is what I have decided to do.
    Over the past month, my family and I have made some big decisions. One of the few decisions that we have made evidently brings big change upon us. We have decided over long hard deliberation to close
The Hope Chest's retail store. That was a huge decision for me. My store which I love and started from a dream is closing...and remarkably, and as scary as it first seemed, after I actually made the decision...It felt good! Remarkably great actually! I did, I will admit, experience all the emotions and thoughts of... what are people going to say? now what?...However it now occurs to me that this feeling that I am now experiencing, this fresh feeling of a new beginnings is... exciting! I am so greatful to have experienced all the wonderful times over the past 4 years and I am blessed by all the fantastic people I have met over this time. I could be sad about my decision but I am not..I am excitied! Everything that I have learned over the past few years by having my fantastic little store has enabled me today to embark upon this new creative journey with enthusiasm and excitement! I am excited to finally have more time...time to design, to create, and time to teach which is what I love to do! And most importantly, more time for my family! So, today as I embark upon this new creative journey, be excited for me, I am! Dont let your fears or worries about what others may think hold you back...follow your gut and trust me when I say, when you feel good inside you will know that those two steps forward that you took in a different direction were a good just never know what is out there waiting for you!
Thank you to everyone for supporting me over the past four years and I hope you will continue to follow along on this new adventure with me as I unfold day by day what is yet to be discovered.

...Living Life Creatively.


Allison Orthner said...

With tears in my eyes I say, "YEAH!!!!!!" Not "yeah" that your beautiful store is closing (as truth be known, it WAS one of my all-time favourites)!! But "yeah" for YOU and all that you feel called to do. I believe God has put in us ALL certain talents and strengths and we are at our best when we are using them :) So... may God's richest blessings be on you in this new phase of life and I look forward to seeing what is "in store" (pun intended!) Thanks so much for letting me get to know you (some great hot tub chats late at night!) and PLEASE know that I am ALWAYS there for you :)

Christy Riopel said...

Way to go!...what an amazing post, you really are an amazing person and good luck wherever your journey takes you!

Shannon said...

Well a month has gone by until I stumbled along to your blog and saw your post. What a great post on new beginnings. I loved your store to and wished I could visit more often. I hope to see more of you at events such as Scrapbook Your Heart and even maybe the MNC Jingle Bell Crop ..... I know Christy would find you a great spot! Good luck with your new creative beginning.

p.s. I added your new blog address to my google reader so I hope to see more blog posts in the future.