Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 - Time for Restoration!

By the title of this blog post, I can only guess that most people that know me assumed I was going to provide you with a boring old update about the on-going renovations/restoration of my big bad ol' house.

NOPE! Not even close. This is way more exciting!
Today, myself and women from all over the world will be taking some time to do some
much needed Soul Restoration!

Soul Restoration is an online workshop developed and taught by Melody Ross and brought to you by the Brave Girls Club.
So what is Brave Girls Club? Brave Girls Club is a worldwide online community of women who all share a common goal...
to live the best possible life we can!

Melody Ross and her sister Kathy Wilkens have graciously shared with us thier hearts and souls to bring women all over the world together...
"to change the world one brave girl at a time" - Melody Ross

These fabulous sisters of Brave Girls Club host an all inclusive, life changing, 5 day womens retreat known as Brave Girls Camp. This is offered to women all over the world.  For those of us who more than anything would love to attend one of these retreats but unfortunately cannot...we are thrilled to be able to be given the opportunity to take this online workshop. Its like the next best thing! Brave Girls Club has brought us...Soul Restoration.
This fun-filled, life changing online workshop starts today and I cannot wait to start! I am sooooo excited! As I am sure the Brave Girls all over the world are as well.

Soul Restoration ~ Brave Girls Club

For those of you who so wanted to hop on board this adventurous ride and missed the train this time around...dont worry! Brave Girls Club will be offering this amazing online workshop again come April 2011.
Registration for the April workshop will be open January 18th, so be sure not to miss out!
Please visit here for more information surrounding
Soul Restoration and Brave Girls Club.

To ALL the Canadian Brave Girls out there!!
Christy Riopel has created for us our very own Canadian Brave Girls Group
Join in and all of us Canadian women can brave together in this Life Changing Adventure!
(Thank you Christy)

Thank you, Melody and Kathy! Women from all over the world have been blessed with this fabulous opportunity and I am sure you are both very excited for this new journey.
Good Luck and Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift with all of us.


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Lynn Radford said...

Joining you and all the Brave Girls in this journey of Soul Restoration! Blessings to us all!