Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trust your JOURNEY

To all of the Soul Sisters out there who have dug deep into thier brave souls and trusted enough of themselves to embark upon this creative journey of
restoring thier soul houses.

Keep being Brave, Trust your Journey, 
YOU are so worth it!
If there is anything I have learned over this past few weeks, it is exactly that.

And what a journey it has been so far!

With a little Soul Restoration, I have learned that its ok to be me. And that all of the experiences in my life that have led me to now, whether good or bad
have made me who I am today.

With a little help, I have taken a real good look at what those experiences have brought me, have taught me and importantly...how they have defined me.
Without them, I would never have learned the things I know now. Who knew at the time I was being provided with the necessary tools to guide me in the right direction on Lifes Journey? And even though I didnt know it at the time, looking back, as hard as it may sometimes be, I am greatful for it now.

So trust your Journey, your story is important no matter how difficult. Change is necessary...embrace it! And remember to live your truths...they define you.

Living Life Creatively,

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