Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Greatful for Family Day

Family Day 2011 - What a great day we had!
It seems like the older the kids get, the busier our lives seem to be. With John working away alot and Breydon working full time, still a full schedule of hockey for all four, three in school.. etc etc. It seems fewer and far between that all six of us end up together in the same place at the same time!

Family Day however, is an exception! We make sure we find the time. For me (and for the rest of my family Im sure)  it is a significant day that at one time in our lives we probably just thought of as another day on the calendar and perhaps even took for granted a little. 
On Family Day 2005, that changed. Family day for us has become something I am eternally greatful to be able to have the opportunity to share with my family. We don't always do something huge, its all about just being together and being fortunate enough to have that time together as a family and enjoying the little things.

Family Day 2005 (seems like yesterday sometimes) Breydon and I and our hockey team and families were on our team bus travelling home from a hockey tournamnent in Medicine Hat. We were just outside of Olds, when our bus lost control, swerved accross the highway and crashed into the Olds overpass on the opposite side of the highway of the QE2. 
There are a million little details surrounding that night that even today slightly surface leaving me with a numb feeling all over. Even now, if Stars air ambulance flys over, the smell of exhaust from a bus or that loud whoosh sound it makes, it takes me right back to that night. And to this very day, getting on a bus is difficult. And unfortunately with 4 kids in hockey, I have no choice but to board a bus now and then. 
Feelings of  anxiety and deep sadness for the wonderful man who lost his life in that crash. Remembering you always Durk for your kindness, support and generousity that you shared with our our boys. Also feelings of utter relief and happiness that we are here, which truly in itself is a miracle. A miracle that I am sure all who remember that night are greatful for.

For us now Family day is a day of miracles that we are eternally greatful! And for that very reason,
we make sure that at the very least we do something all together as a family on Family Day!
So we skipped hockey (yup we did - a game to boot! can you imagine?!!) and all of us started bright and early for a jamb packed quality day of family fun! John started our morning off with his ham n eggers and then we all loaded up and took off to Edmonton for the day. Colton who naturally doesnt function until much later of course loaded up with his blankie and pillow in tow...just like when he was little. lol!
Even though Edmonton is only 2 hours away for us, I cant believe how many times, even at this age, I heard them ask..."are we there yet? How much longer?" Lol  Kids will be kids!

It had been quite a few years for us since we were last at the waterpark, so it was a little different for John and I for we really didnt need to be following little people around. They all just took off! And then me and my camera had to go hunting for them! What a blast!!

We first found Breydon hidden in the corner of the hot tub.
Then we spotted Brook, Catie and Colton enjoying the wave pool!
The kids had an absolute blast! So did we. I think John and I were feeling a little bit old though for there was Nooooooo way we were going on the big waterslides! lol Not a chance!

Needless to say, after a few good long hours at the water park we were all exhausted! But not too tired to find some energy to do a little shopping, play some mini golf, then end off our day with a great dinner at
The Old Spaghetti Factory. (John's Fav!)
And naturally our trip home was not boring either. Breydon had us all doubled over in stitches all the way home with his crazy Jim Carey impersonations and amazing singing! (sarcastically speaking) It was hysterical!
It really was a great day! Thank you to my sweet honey and my fabulous kids for the wonderful day!
Love you all more than words can say.

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